Five things I learned today

  1. A serving size of tortilla chips is about 7 chips.
  2. It takes quite a few containers to separate units of 7 tortilla chips at a time (if, for instance, the only way for me to live alone in the house with tortilla chips is to separate them into serving sizes).
  3. Tortilla chips, by their nature, cannot just be crammed into any old size container, unless the goal was tortilla crumbs.
  4. Talenti containers, emptied and washed, are the perfect size for a ton of storage needs, including gelato (their original purpose), leftover nails or screws (as evidenced by shelves in my basement), an onion I don’t want to smell up the whole fridge, or single-serving sets of tortilla chips.
  5. Apparently I have eaten a lot of Talenti over the years.


In unrelated news: happy birthday Mike!

3 thoughts on “Five things I learned today”

  1. I have learned it depends on the tortilla chip. 7 chips might equal 140 calories for one brand, while for another, it takes 13 chips. Most of that has to do with density, etc. Having said that…I can’t believe you actually separated yours into individual serving containers, ha!


    1. True, true, YMMV as far as number of chips per serving.

      I do the serving splits for tortilla chips and crackers. I am NOT successful at this when it comes to plantain chips, Smartfood popcorn, or Jax. In these cases, a serving size tends to be “all of them please”

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