Afterburn – Memorial Day Sunday

I woke up sore, and not sure at first how that happened.

Oh, right. Yardwork yesterday. A few yoga stretches had been no match for that.

So my workout today started with 15 minutes of yoga on the Wii. Just to limber up.

Then I did my 30 minutes of Hip Hop Abs.

And church, streamed of course, and colored-during, as I am wont to do.

By then I had about half my daily steps, and I needed to cook to meals for this week. Onions and peppers chopped and divided. Taco seasoning mixed.

It will be a ground-beef week so far. But in a few varieties.

Then I sliced up apples. Zested a lemon. Started assembling the apple strudel to take to mom and dads.

That racked me up some more steps.

Then I showered, changed, tied my mask on and popped over to my folks’.

A few hours later, ‘distanced’ cookout and wood fire in their chimenea, then home again and showered again to clear the smoke smell…

This two scrubs a day thing isn’t doing my already tired hair any favors. But whatcha gonna do?

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  1. Beautiful coloring. That must be great while listening to church service, or any other time. I’m two weeks behind on listening! Need to get back in the saddle

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