Can it be nap time?

After the work week from H-E-double-hockey sticks, I went to bed crazy early and then slept late.

When I dragged myself out of bed, I dressed for my workout, but rather than go straight to that task, I made coffee. I was sipping my first cup when dad called; he had a couple of bags of mulch for me.

So I threw on my mask and headed out to open my back gate. While I waited for dad’s arrival I started pulling the weeds that grow outside the fenceline. That’s where dad found me. He dropped off the bags of mulch, then offered to loan me their weedwhacker and hedge trimmer. Half an hour later he was back with them.

So yard work became the daily plan.

First things first, I whacked down the overgrowth outside the fence, then at the top of the inside, and trimmed back the ivy where it tries to overgrow the path.

Then I cleaned all that up, and manually trimmed back a bit more of the ivy roots.

Then I took the hedge trimmer and cut back the lilacs for the season, and the spirea. I hate to trim it before it blooms but it also was trying to overtake the pathway. I can’t have to climb through it to get up the hill.

More tidying up.

Did I mention it was 80 degrees (F)? Full sun?

I had to take a break for water and shade and rest.

Then I went back out to the hill to spread the mulch inside the fence. I probably needed 3 bags but I made 2 do.

More sitting to rest and cool off, then I reached out to dad to let him know i was done and I could bring his stuff back to him tomorrow (unless he needed it sooner).

He swung by to get it.

By this time, I was as hot and grubby as it’s possible to be.

And that’s when I realized I was going to need to shower and change before my workout today.

Which is how I’ve come to be halfway through the day and halfway through my step goal and really really wanting a nap.

Ohhhh … a nap would be niiiice.


On another note, apropos of nothing (unless you know, hehe)…

Public Domain image of President Barack Obama. I was not his biggest fan. Fast forward to today: He looks better and better all the time. (Also, nice flag for US flag day)

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