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Meal dilemma

So here’s my challenge: there’s one of me.

And I’m watching my portion sizes like a hawk.

So anything I make stretches a long way. Seriously, a kit of chicken fajitas is 5 or 6 meals, depending how many veggies I add. That’s anywhere from 3-6 days of food (three if I eat only fajitas until they’re gone, and 6 if I have them once a day).

At the end of which, I might be a little tired of fajitas. So I make something else to put in the mix and provide some variety.

But a pot of dirty rice? Fantastically delicious — but it’s probably 10 servings when I’m done. After I’ve worked 10 servings of that into my life, I can’t face any more of it for a while.

So now while I debate meals for next week I have to play that out… how many servings? How many days? How sick of that will I be (and what will it help me use up while it’s still good)?

I know… make it and freeze it!

No. Things that go into my freezer probably aren’t coming back out. I barely like leftovers (sigh) let alone reheated from frozen. If I’d even think of it. Which I know I wouldn’t.

Which reminds me I made pasta that time and froze the extra. Hahaha still there.

Plus my freezer is kind of full at present. Probably partially because of that “forget things are in there” issue.

I’ll figure something out.

One of the items on this week’s menu: sloppy joe tortillas

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