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Breaking curfew – kind of

Technically my state relaxed some of its stay at home rules as of 5pm this day. So we were not violating them.

And each of our families has been keeping to ourselves. Maybe not as diligently (they might say, extremely) as I might want them to, but even so. We’ve been apart from most of humanity for months, and none of us has been sick.

We can all keep our safe distance, together. Maybe.

So we all got together of a Friday night – late for me because working from home means I still get all the irritations of a busy work week, and Covid19 means we get highly visible highly changeable projects with too many cooks in the virtual kitchen – for a family pizza night and fire.

I brought the apple strudel, because I’d bought all the makings but then realized I could not be allowed to live alone with apple strudel. Better to make it for sharing!

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