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6 of 10

There’s a Facebook meme going around. A bunch of them really. 10 things you are thankful for. 10 albums that impacted you. 10 travel photos.

Ok so T – my friend from my Asia trip – tagged me in the travel photos challenge. 10 photos, 10 days, no explanation, tag someone else. (Yeah, my wall on FB is locked down tight and I’m not assigning homework to anyone. But if this inspires you, feel free to consider yourself challenged!

So: Day 6 of 10

3 thoughts on “6 of 10”

  1. Was that the Quick-Check balloon festival in Readington NJ? Seem to remember it was a windy morning you were up against. Forget which year. Late 2000’s?


    1. Good memory. Actually I went up twice – one a perfect morning in 2007 (these photos) and on a windy overcast day in 2009 (with my Dad and my aunt). Fun both times – but the balloons looked like floating Christmas ornaments in the bright morning light in 07!


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