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4 of 10

There’s a Facebook meme going around. A bunch of them really. 10 things you are thankful for. 10 albums that impacted you. 10 travel photos.

Ok so T – from my Asia trip – tagged me in the travel photos challenge. 10 photos, 10 days, no explanation, tag someone else. (Yeah, my wall on FB is locked down tight and I’m not assigning homework to anyone. But if this inspires you, feel free to consider yourself challenged!

This is harder than you think! So many places to choose from! So many wonderful times remembered!

So: Day 4 of 10

Ok so it turns out that I can’t not say anything. This stop on our trip was the one I was really excited for. But at our time of year, the sunset is earlier, and our landing was just as the sun was getting ready to set. By the time we raced to this end of the island, the sun was down. But our guide could get a few of us into a private little nook to get this picture.

Some of the distant lights are our cruise ship.

I had a wonderful time on this trip – and I miss my found-friends from this adventure so much! (Hi Troy and Deana! Love you guys! Connie, are you and Marge out there too? How about the rest of the gang? Christiana and Elena, we loved seeing your country in your care!)

Also… I am literally making Greek food today to go with this post. That will be a separate writing in the future.