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1 of 10

There’s a Facebook meme going around. A bunch of them really. 10 things you are thankful for. 10 albums that impacted you. 10 travel photos.

Ok so darling T – my very first friend from my Asia trip – tagged me in the travel photos challenge. 10 photos, 10 days, no explanation, tag someone else. (Yeah, my wall on FB is locked down tight and I’m not assigning homework to anyone. But if this inspires you, feel free to consider yourself challenged!)

So: Day 1 of 10

5 thoughts on “1 of 10”

  1. The tower of Pisa is awesome! Love the pic, thanks for sharing. Greetings from London.


    1. Thanks, you too! (Also before COVID I was planning to visit Finland – postponed for now of course but I hope to go there someday! For the moment I will have to just read about it on your site!)

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