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Granola goodness

I’m not a breakfast person, generally. Coffee, yes. Breakfast, not so much. Part of that is the fact that undiluted eggs make me vomit. (Not an exaggeration. Sorry to be graphic.)

Part of it is that although I like waffles (too much work & equipment required) and occasionally enjoy pancakes, carbcakes in the morning just make me want to nap.

And I love bacon. Love it. Who doesn’t? But that’s not realistic for every day.

In Asia I started out looking for a green apple (anti-seasickness, preemptive but unnecessary because I wore my sea bands and was fine) and maybe a roll with cheese, but absent good choices in that vein, I had yogurt with granola (or muesli) and a couple of pieces of bacon.

With coffee of course. Coffee can be understood to be required.

That went so well that yogurt-with-muesli was the go-to breakfast when S and I went to Europe.

But at home, I don’t really do breakfast. Other than the requisite coffee, I start my day at lunch.


Granola, it turns out, is easy to make.

Plain or vanilla yogurt is not terribly expensive.

So homemade granola was on the agenda!

Not that I’m using food to make myself feel better or to try to recapture my travel vibe. Surely not (much)!

Oats nuts honey oil vanilla cinnamon salt craisins – yummy

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