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Unplanned goals

When I started posting on Jan 1, it wasn’t that I planned to do a post-a-day. I didn’t. I was just newly back from a trip to Asia [thread starts here]

(and of course I always posted when I got back from a trip) …

And by the time all of those posts went up, another trip was over, so those went up… [thread starts here]

And then by the time that trip was over, S had had her accident and there were day to day updates to share…

And then suddenly there was a pandemic and life got really weird really fast.

And that’s how we got here, in a situation where I’ve accidentally fallen into a Post-a-Day schedule that has taken on a life of its own.

Which is how I know it’s 145 days into 2020. And how you all know far more than you care to, about my day to day, my peeves, and my workout habits.

And how I have posts scheduled for weeks to come.

And so it goes…