@Fitbit, Fitness and Other Temporary Obsessions, there is something wrong with me


I honestly didn’t think this was even a thing that was really possible.

(If you follow me on Twitter then you may have seen this happen in real time and this is now old news)

But then I did 45000 the prior week, without a firm goal in mind, and lived to tell the tale.

So apparently between walking, jogging and dancing around my apartment for roughly 17 hours on a Saturday, it is achievable.

Advisable would have been a separate question. By the end I was dragging. My knees hurt. My back was stiff.

S stayed on the phone with me at the end so I didn’t give up (I wouldn’t have – occasionally I would sit down and then make myself get back up because so close! and not doing this again!) and so she could hear me cross the finish line at last and maybe so she could call someone if I collapsed.

Rolling 7 day total. I will probably never see these numbers again because I’m not likely to be doing this craziness again.
The rest of the stats for that day

Morning update… No pain. Almost no stiffness. Thank you Lord!


To be fair though, I could only have done this at home, dancing around my house…

  • Dancing meant I could change up my pace, stretch my back in different ways, etc, versus just walking or running would have allowed.
  • At home I could do this on a flat padded surface (in my carpeted basement). Where I live is very hilly. I would never have made this “distance” if I’d also have had to cover distance, and propel myself up and down and over uneven terrain. I walked a fraction of the distance IRL the next day – it was way harder with resistance built in.
  • At home, that padded and carpeted surface meant I could do this whole adventure in my stocking feet. No blisters from shoes to worry about. It is much harder to do anything if your feet are in agony while you do it, and I skipped that whole scenario.


I don’t have any relationship to Fitbit by the way, other than having owned their devices for a long time and being a bit obsessed of late.

I suspect coronavirus is having effects on all of us, in different ways. This day might have broken me of this particular obsession – time will tell – but I still have my steps goal on “the list” so tracking will be happening – just at a more normal daily target.

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