So yesterday, my whole team pulled together in a mad scramble to craft something really solid in a rush project for our client. We came back with something great, and positive, and actionable, and our direct point of contact was very pleased.

Today, we got the feedback from her primary internal client, who is an authoritarian pain in the ass. Whose feedback basically amounted to, I want what I want, even if it’s terrible, will irritate recipients, and will not be actionable.

And of course, that voice outweighs ours.

Oh right… This is why it’s a job and not a hobby.

This is why I love my job, except when I hate my job.

This is why I love my clients, except when I hate my clients.

More to the positive than the negative, on all counts. But you know – life has its moments.

But whatcha gonna do?


In developing news updates (via the magical veil between writing dates and posting dates) — we worked through a lot of the issues above, but we still have too many cooks in this kitchen, and too many bugs in the systems, and too many last minute tweaks and late night edits, and it’s been an ongoing trial for more than a week since it started.


I do love my job. I’m so thankful for it, and my awesome team.

And God is good, all the time.

Still: Isn’t there a holiday weekend coming up or something? Theoretically?