flotsam, peeves


I wasn’t thrilled about picking up a new meeting on Sunday for a Monday 9am conference call.

I generally don’t love rush projects, or projects that take up every minute of the day and still make me work late.

Same project, all three strikes.


The client is one we’ve worked with before, and she is a delight.

The project is interesting.

And the entire thing may eat up days to come but it will be so good to be well and truly busy!

So all of that was a good thing.

I didn’t move anything like as much as would otherwise like to, but I had fit in a Hip Hop Abs in the morning before work (and again after work) which together got me almost to my steps goal.

And then… No, wait.

This is where you might want to stop reading if you have a weak stomach. Or if you’re about to eat.

No really, you could just end there and let “how nice it is to be busy again” be today’s discovery.

You could go now.

It’s okay if you do.


Ok then. I tried.

Then when my day finally ended, I went out to sweep the helicopters off my deck (and get the last of my steps) and discovered… something on my deck.

Something dead.

Something green and wet-looking and almost like a lump of guacamole with what might once have been features.

Something that looked like maybe a cat or something had vomited it up there.


I know. Gross. I tried to tell you.

If I was willing to pick up after animal mishaps I would have an animal of my own.

I am not, and I do not.

So I paced around trying to figure out how I might resolve this mess without calling for help.

My life is not arranged to have to clean up things like this. Nor is my stomach that strong.

So then I called Dad, who came over and solved it for me. Thank you, Dad! (And also thank God for you, Dad!)

Hoping there won’t be any more discoveries today!

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