@Fitbit, there is something wrong with me

Working on my record

(Not the music kind. This is me we’re talking about.)

(And, yes, because it is me, I do wish it was a record related to crossing off more travel destinations from my extensive list of places-to-go, but alas, that must wait a bit longer so we can all be a bit safer and healthier in the process.)

No, I’m still doing all my adventuring indoors.

Over the weekend I stayed super active. I kept moving as much as possible – workout, weights, (pause to make coffee), another workout, pond work, yard work, (pause for lunch), more yard work, shower, laundry, pacing, dancing…

Honestly, I was getting tired by about 3pm.

But I’m working on my steps record here. Trying to get a sense of what it would take to get 100k steps in a day, which is the highest single-day steps badge Fitbit has.

For reference, my previous record days were somewhere under 25k. Usually that’s a major vacation excursion – I think we got 23,000+ the day in Hawaii that my parents and I crossed the crater.

(We were all a lot younger, I realize, when I remember how little First Beautiful Niece was – and how when Dad told her about it on the phone that afternoon (night for them), she scolded him not to get burned up. (Probably she remembers that more accurately than I do. She was just a peanut, but she has a remarkable memory.)

But anyway. The record. I hit 20k steps the other day, which tied (again) for the highest Fitbit badge I’d earned to date.

Then I hit 18k steps without really pushing hard the next day. And those were workdays.

And yet Fitbit reports that I was sedentary most of the day. Which implies I could do better…

So I wondered what I could do if I just tried to keep moving throughout a day. Not pushing a pace, not running, not always even doing something that would get picked up as steps for sure. But moving even so. Not sitting for any length of time, other than like meals and maybe the occasional pause to jot a blog.

(Ha ha. Yeah I paused for a bit, but I also paced for a while.)

I think the yard work was both a poor way to get steps and a great way to make my back ache. It made it more tempting to rest, but more helpful to keep moving and not let things tighten up.

Dancing on the other hand racks up a lot of steps. Since I live in a hilly place and I can’t see marching 100000 steps in my basement, it might someday take a day-long dance party to get there. Not today, though. Such things need some build up.

Net result, I more than doubled my previous record, and hit this Fitbit milestone before the day was out:

Actual event was May 2 as shown

And although pushing for 50k is tempting and it’s not even that late really and I could totally do it – I suspect I’ll already be sore tomorrow and my Fitbit needs to recharge — and so do I.

The 19 miles I racked up May 2 obviously impacted the net distance I reported yesterday

Rolling 7 day steps. All time high. (So far)

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  1. Hello.

    My hat! You are walking huge number of steps! We do not record steps, but Kilometers. In a month we walk only between 120 – 150 km. Rainy days reduce our amount. Also, in winter when the temperature is minus 30 – 25 Celsius, then we walk only few kilometers. Well, that’s life.

    Have a nice day!


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