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And miles to go…

Why, yes, I do like many of the poems of Robert Frost. How did you guess?*

So while S and some of our friends ran a virtual 5K while we’ve been in solitary confinement quarantine, I wondered how “far” I’ve gone with all my daily runs.

Obviously I can’t use Wii to track that. It thinks I do far more miles than is realistic. So I used my Fitbit estimate instead – something that accounts for my stride length. An imperfect measure, granted, as I’m usually running in place and sometimes I’m dancing or whatever. Even steps tracking is not perfect, so converting to miles is “iffy”.

But even so, I wondered how many ‘miles’ I might have covered since quarantining myself in my social isolation bubble.

So I added up FitBit’s totals. Which granted are skewed a bit by some activity which I’ll say more in the days to come, due to the magic of post scheduling…

As of May 16 (or 2 months in): a hair over 388.6 miles, or a little over 625 km. +

And yes, that means this one post is going up in real time instead of on a lag.

Since I couldn’t get the actual-travel-distance map to work (which would have accounted for rivers and such), I’ll plot it on a radius on Google. Granted it’s as-the-crow-flies, not as-a-person-walks but still kinda cool:

Obviously in real life I would not be able to walk in a straight line Or dedicate 2 months to the effort.


+ Usually I seem to do between 33 and 39 miles a week according to Fitbit, but I had a couple of highly unusual weekends in the mix. More on that later.

* Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening is one of the poems I had to memorize in 10th grade English** and can still pull out from memory in a pinch.

(Pauses to recite and confirm that’s still true. Yup. It is.)

And for my friend who is wondering… yes, I can still recite The Road Not Taken also. 😉

** We had to memorize Shakespeare‘s Sonnet 29 and Frost‘s Stopping by Woods and The Road Not Taken in my English class. The other English class had to memorize the sonnet and one of the two Frost poems and then could choose to memorize any other Frost poem they wanted. Fire and Ice and Nothing Gold Can Stay were very popular selections in that class (and coincidentally are also very short).

…Yeah, I learned those two just for fun. Yes, I was (am) a nerd, as if any of us had any illusions about that.

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