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Another set of milestones

One of these was yesterday. The other was about a week ago. So I’ll let you do the math.

Keeping at it, day by day. Still reliably getting my workout every day, sometimes more than one.

(Not nearly as easy to get my 250/hr because work got busy, yay!)

It’s now an ‘Event’ when I pull this off

What are your milestones and how are you doing on them?

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  1. My main daily goals involve a mixed concoction of morning reflection, cleaning and disinfecting, walking for exercise, social distancing, trying to stay healthy physically and mentally, reading, trying to be patient with everyone, trying to manage anxiety and lately watching reruns of Downton Abbey. Enjoying Season 1. Would like to add stretching and a few hand weights. Miss the gym for the elliptical and weight machines. Cooking classes in the future w/K God willing.

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