experiments in cooking

My fridge runneth over

So I cooked over the weekend. I might have mentioned. It started out simply enough. I was going to make chicken casserole. I thawed chicken to that purpose. But just one meal all week… well even for something really delicious, that gets old after a while.

I know, I hear it.

Privilege. First world problems.


I also had carrots and potatoes that probably needed used before they became houseplants.

So while the chicken was only half defrosted, I dug to the bottom of the freezer where I was pretty sure I had a chuck roast for pot roast. Sure enough, I had one. A very large one. It seemed huge. Like, how is this going to fit in the crockpot huge.

But if I cut it up, it could be pot roast and stew. Totally do-able. Meat and veggies, all squared away.

But then under the roast there was a package of Italian sausages from God only knows when I put them there. That’s not great. Hmm. Better take care of that too.

And then there was too much food all out and defrosting and needing to be cooked. And eaten.

It was too much by any standard, including when you consider that I have to portion it out when I put it away, so that I don’t eat way more than I mean to. I don’t have the time to eat it all nor the storage space!

And after I had portioned out all my storage containers… and all my cereal bowls… and all my extra coffee cups into serving size portions, it only covered the chicken casserole and sausage dishes with rice. It was still too much.

My fridge runneth over.


I divvied up the stew and the pot roast and made a care package for mom and dad.

That departure left me with manageable amounts of each of those left to stash. Will have to be divided further when I free up some more cups and bowls, I guess.

Plus, it was almost like having mom and dad over for dinner, kinda. Right?

(Sis, I know pot roast is not your favorite thing, and it certainly isn’t Second Beautiful Niece’s. I’ll catch up with you guys with something more appealing to the masses, at some point.)