A second list

It’s 6 weeks of isolation for me as I write this – it would be closer to 8 but I was the last member of my team elected to be in an office before everyone was sent home to work. Which broke my prior streak of solo existence.

By the time this is scheduled to post, it probably will be more than 8 weeks.

But so much changes from day to day. I wonder where things will stand then… has the world changed again?

In the mean time, even with working at home, it’s a lot of time alone to fill.

As you all know by now, I have my to-do list to help keep me on track. Work day or no, 30+ minutes working out, 10k+ steps, alternate days of yoga or weights. Streaming church on Sundays. Scripture every day. Two Duolingo lessons, one Rosetta Stone. A blog post drafted. 64 oz of water. Floss.

I keep a second list now. I call it ‘always on’ … things I can do almost any time, for those moments when the day feels long, and the circumstance feel heavy. Here are some things I have on it, to give me To Dos if I start to feel like I’m at loose ends and I just can’t with the news and social media. Since I still haven’t put my word games back on my phone.

What are your go-to activities for all this social distancing time?

Here’s the current contents of mine:

  • Read (scripture, novels)
  • Clean (floors, surfaces, laundry)
  • Learn (language lessons, podcasts)
  • Create (cook, write)
  • Move (Wii, videos, steps, dance)
  • Relax (pray, meditate, stretch, color)