5:10 and 5:50

5:10 is still dark.

5:10 would be 15 minutes too late to be waking for a commuter day.

(This is not a commuter day; there are no commuting days at present.)

5:10 is a good time to go back and get one more sleep cycle in before work.

5:10 is a bad time to wake from nightmares and not be able to fall asleep right away.


5:50 is pale silver half-light through the blinds.

5:50 feels sleepy and cozy.

5:50 is too early to get up.

5:50 is too late to go back to sleep.

5:50 is before my morning podcasts are released.

5:50 is a between-time, not a real-life time.


5:50 it is, then.

Not today’s sunrise