there is something wrong with me

Thrown off by little things

I inadvertently fall asleep on the couch, and that means:

That I don’t read my scripture (first on the daily list) before I get out of bed. I’m not in bed.

I don’t do my Duolingo language lesson immediately either.

Instead, the next nearest thing is a coffee pot, which I usually flip on after my workout.

I turn to head to the restroom, but the downstairs bathroom doesn’t have my workout clothes waiting for me, to encourage me to dress immediately for the next step in a normal day.

Coffee sipped while I get into the Word and then break for a French lesson – almost back on track. But these pj’s are not motivating.

Comfortable though. Tempting to lay back down and sleep a little more.

Oh, right. Perhaps a bit more of the coffee will help with that.

There will be other breaks in the day, anyway. Sunday morning church to stream, and that’s going to throw off the workout schedule now that my day is already wonky.

It’s all just going to be a little bit disordered today. Apparently.

But no worries, it will all happen. That’s what the list is for.

(When a few weeks later I once again fall asleep on the couch – not accidentally – I put all the normal things where I need them – schedule saved!)