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Weekend plans: a week of meals

So obviously I’m not going anywhere. So what to do, what to do?

Well, after my workout(s), I fish around to the bottom of my freezer for what needs to get used, then start prepping meals for the week to come.

Last week that was a rotation of sloppy joe, dirty rice, and flatbread pizza.

Next week, the rotation will include pot roast, beef stew, chicken casserole over rice with veggie (green beans, because carrots were scarce and I wanted them for the beef dishes), and an Italian sausage dish which is a bit of an experiment.

So rice is steaming. Casserole is baking. Sausage is cooling for its next stage of preparation. Chuck roast is thawing to go in the crockpot (pot roast) and stove top (stew) tomorrow.

By the end of next week I’m sure I’ll be a bit tired of all of the above. But for now, next week is looking pretty good, mealwise.

I am thankful – and I hope you have delights to look forward to, also!

Front: pot roast in slow cooker. Rear: stew simmering. My house smells delicious.

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