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Not everything about lifted restrictions will be good

I have been losing weight (in a healthy, boring, portion-control-plus-exercise kind of way) while we are in collective quarantine.

Don’t get me wrong. Every time I see a Popeye’s commercial or even a movie where people are eating it, I so desperately want fried chicken. I feel an urge for a McDonalds Filet O Fish and fries. A Wendy’s single with fries. Even a Taco Bell Crunchwrap.

Even the commercials of the most subpar of pizza providers are sheer torture.

I am eating healthy, at home. Of necessity – nothing but groceries comes in. And I am decidedly not frying chicken. (Occasionally I’ll make bacon and then mete it out in tiny portions in other dishes for a while. Not often though.)

If the local Japanese place hadn’t closed immediately, along with every Chinese or other Asian ethnic food (prolly because some moron – not saying who, but someone – kept calling it the China Virus, making every person of Asian descent, Chinese or not, feel like they’d been made ‘the enemy’) I might break that rule. I could totally do some gyoza and hibachi beef...

Some pad thai.

Some kung pow chicken.

Some Korean barbecue.

Some good Mexican food.

Some delicious Cuban food.

Gosh any and every ethnic food sounds so good right now…

And so here’s the thing I just realized…

When I can safely go, or let come, any tempting food that’s available – I’m not going to be as successful at making good choices. At all. I don’t think it will even be a thing.

Omigosh how much would I love tostones right now? And yes I know how – just couldn’t find plantains here in normal times let alone now. Sigh. Just as well.

Not everything about lifted restrictions will be good. My decisions might not all be. But the food… the food will be so good (even if some of it is so bad for me).

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