Reunions, maybe?

So my Asia Cruise family is talking about a reunion sailing next year.

Omigosh – Love to! 🚢

I miss my dear found-friends.

I hope S might be free to go with me too!

…makes me want to invite my travel buddies from Greece to go somewhere again…

… I wonder if my family would be interested in an adventure…

Bah ha ha ha. 🤣

My sister wasn’t getting on a cruise ship before COVID-19. So that would be a big fat no for her.

Nothing firm just yet. I’d love to make Scandinavia happen since that trip was cancelled, but that may not work for the gang. Hawaii is under consideration, and I love that idea but it also might prove too spendy for some. Cheaper now than usual, but Hawaii isn’t ever going to be cheap to visit. (Same deal Scandinavia, probably.)

Mexico, would maybe be easier from that standpoint. S reminds me that Alaska would be far more comfortable than Mexico at that time of year.

Anything could happen. Who knows when or where…

But Lord, it’s so nice to dream of travel again.

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