Another listen

So I am catching up on my podcasts.

And I’m part way through this one from Radiolab: The Cataclysm Sentence and having to pause because it struck me…

Cataclysm sentences that point out the value of responding creatively rather than destructively to real threats.

That point out the useless destructive nature of fear, that makes us perceive threats where none exist.

That point out the wonder of the universe.

That point out the fact that we ourselves are but a moment.

That point out the value of savoring the moments we have.

That point out the value of one another.

These sentences remind me (so strongly I had to pause the podcast to say it)…

That God created a beautiful, glorious, and orderly world. (Genesis)

That our time is just a moment to be treasured (Ecclesiastes)

But that is not the whole story (the Gospels)

And that we can leave fear behind, along with all its toxic attitudes and outcomes.

And I can tell (as I pick up the podcast again) that not everyone perceives that what matters can be answered by faith. But that’s where my connections were made.

Are you listening to anything I should be checking out? Let me know.