For the dog lovers

You love your dog. Omigosh, of course you do. Yours is the sweetest, bestest dog ever. Who could NOT love a sweet baby like yours?

And maybe someone gives you the stinkeye when you walk your dearest pup on the edge of their yard. Why do people get so crazy about their plants just because someone’s sweet puppy is sniffing around on their lawn, you wonder? Those people must be crazy mean old coots, right? Right?

Ok dog people, I love ya. You love your furbabies and so you should. What other creature is as loving and supportive, amiright?

I gotta tell you, though, someone on our community forum just got so upset because someone else got so ‘unreasonably’ bothered and yelled at her and her dog just because her adorable little furball was in their flower beds that are right beside the sidewalk anyway!

She could not fathom the meanness of spirit of such a person.

And as part of that thread, I just watched another, lovely woman who is also a dog-lover say the most honest, understandable thing.

She walks her dog and always picks up after him (as everyone should) and honestly never realized that some people minded if dogs went on the edges of their lawn. But then again, she says, she doesn’t keep pretty flowers in her yard.

God bless you, unknown person, for that open and honest perspective.

Thank you for always cleaning up after your dog. Even as your “should” acknowledges that not every pet owner is so thoughtful and responsible – you are and as a person sharing the planet with you, I’m so glad.

Also, if you don’t ever plant flowers, it makes sense that it genuinely might not occur to you, as it did not occur to the dog owner that started the thread – who got yelled at when their sweet little poochums was in someone’s flower bed next to the sidewalk, innocently sniffing away for whatever had caught their fancy or might imply a good place to go — that those flower beds the dog is sniffing in, which are on someone’s property (yes, even those right next to the sidewalk) — get planted by someone.

That someone spends money to buy plants (many kinds of flowers have to be replanted each year – they are not there by accident or happenstance). Perhaps they also bought bags of good soil and fertilizer and plant food, and maybe they pay to have these cared for or – even more – put their own hands in that earth to plant and weed and lovingly tend those little buds.

And that person therefore does not particularly love finding poop (which you, bless you, would not leave behind your pet, because you are thoughtful and responsible), or pee soaking the soil and killing the plants, or animals digging them up to chase whatever interesting smell they perceive.

While your adorable furbaby is just one little furry sweetheart, that person who planted the flowers or shrubs or what have you, nevertheless doesn’t want to dig around in your sweetum’s pee.

And the next dog down the street (still lovely though not as wonderful as your darling baby, of course!) catches the scent and wants to mark there too… and pretty soon the soil is saturated and the plants are dead.

Just plants, sure. But still living things that someone purposed and cared about. Different from a dog of course – but in the same way your pet brings you light and joy, and even more so in this difficult time, gardening might be someone else’s light and joy, helping them get through these difficult times in their own way.

And maybe that’s happening time after time, because it simply didn’t occur to the pet owners in the neighborhood. Really, honestly, and with no bad intent on their part, they just didn’t know all the effort and expense and care that went into those flowers or shrubs or lawn.

But now you know.

Yes, thank you for cleaning up after your pet. We all really do appreciate that good neighborliness. But maybe also – keep your pet out of other people’s yards unless you know they don’t mind. Like, you’ve asked them, so you know.

And I hope you and your little sweetheart have a great walk.

Hang in there!

Image from Pexels free media library – look at those sweet puppies!

Also extra love to Mom and Dad. I hope your plants are coming in beautifully for all your efforts. ❤️

IRL: Happy cinco de Mayo. 🇲🇽 And also happy cinco de Sondra (also a dog lover!). Happy birthday, lady 🎂