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Things I’ve learned

This edition brought to you, apparently, by the letter P.


Second hand knowledge, but promising: you can roast the Easter candy Peeps. I am opposed to Peeps generally speaking, but my manager tells me that Peeps roasted over a fire is the thing. That it’s like any other marshmallow (better by far toasted than plain), plus the sugar caramelizes like the shell of creme brûlée.

Seems legit. And if it doesn’t work out, you can just throw them into the fire. Better than eating Peeps un-toasted, IMO.

(I just said Peeps a lot of times for someone who hates them.)

Pew pew

I learned this in April but saved it for Star Wars Day. If you have an iPhone, text “pew pew” (like you’re shooting laser weapons) to someone who also has an iPhone. No punctuation. You are both welcome. (Thanks S!)

Also: Congratulations for confetti. Happy birthday for balloons. Happy new year for fireworks. Probably others. If you know them, leave a comment and share the fun!

Pizza sauce

So I made bread (kinda – old yeast, it’s really more flatbread) but putting my hands on pizza sauce looked difficult at present.

Guess what? Pizza sauce is easy.

Tomato paste. Garlic powder, Oregano. Thyme (optional). Mix well. Adjust to taste. That’s it. So easy, and for me these were all things on hand. And it’s good!

I can’t promise any other part of this is easy to put your hands on.

That said… Spread on crust of choice. Pizza round, flatbread, bagel. Cheese it up as needed. I had it plain as well as with peppers and olives.


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  1. My parents are obsessed with Peeps. They open the package two days before eating them, so they’re nice and crunchy when it’s time to dig in.

    I wonder if I was adopted?


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