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Adding it up

So, Tae Bo Basics only runs about 25 minutes, including the warm-up and cool-down. Plus it only gets me about 2750 of my daily steps. Lots of kicking and punching, not a lot of stepping.

My Wii yoga routine runs about 23 minutes (a few more if I add in a couple of planks separately). Obviously that’s even lower in steps.

Neither of those alone gets me to my 30 minute workout goal.

Together they do, obviously. But it still leaves a big steps-gap.

But if say, it’s a weekend, or I’m up extra early, and I throw in my run also

Well that will get me a lot closer to my 10k steps goal. Not quite, but close.

No, I don’t have a problem. What makes you ask?

This is what can happen when I hit all my workout goals before the workday starts
This is how that day ended, plus or minus the steps it took me to get into bed. Not too bad!

FYI: Change-up approaching. After about of month of mixing in the Tae Bo videos, I’m planning to change up to Hip Hop Abs soon.

3 thoughts on “Adding it up”

  1. Sounds like you’re going to be the only person literally on the planet who’s going to come out of this thing slimmer and in better shape than before! I could never do enough to offset the eating I’m doing!!!


    1. I’m having to exercise to keep my mind occupied. I’m also watching what I eat most because if I GAINED weight from where I started, I might have to be removed on a crane at the end of all this. (My goal is just to get down to a ‘normal’ range weight for my height)

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  2. The one nice thing about working from home is, I am able to meet my 250-step hourly goal every hour pretty consistently. When my Fitbit vibrates, I either do laps around the house or a quick walk on the treadmill. So: you’re not the only one obsessed!


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