Revisiting the hits

While this post about S’ accident has the most hits this year and the most hits by far in a single week (back in February, driven almost entirely by traffic from her Facebook page), the post that gets the most traffic normally, and by far the most over time, is from 2011.

So if you’re interested, here’s the replay: What did Joseph pray (2011)

Yeah. I know. My posts lately aren’t all that fascinating. Hazards of being under a COVID-related stay-at-home order.


IRL: Blue Angels and Thunderbirds fly-over today!

(@ Thank you essential workers!)

1 thought on “Revisiting the hits”

  1. Update: I was outside when the Blue Angels would have been doing a flyover but didn’t see or hear them. Either I wasn’t on the right side of the house or they weren’t that close to me. Or both.


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