Pond maintenance

Over the fall and winter, the pond gets netted over to keep leaves out of it. As long as I don’t lose power to that outlet (which was a thing this last winter and I can’t wait to be able to have an electrician in to look at it) the waterfall runs around the clock, all year long.

Still, while it’s covered with the net, with me not out there skimming it, algae takes over in the winter.

It’s gross.

In the spring I uncover it and drop in treatments and start skimming out the green sludge. And then, the filters need cleaning.

Usually Dad and I would do this together of a weekend. He isn’t fazed by reaching into the pond to pull the filters and rinse them while I skim out everything that’s come loose. And thereafter the skimming needs constant attention but the filter needs cleaning every week or every other week – whatever the weather will support.

I can do this alone, especially once it’s been done a few times and / or after we’ve had a few dry weeks, so the water level is low enough that I don’t risk putting my face in the pond in the process.

Between pandemic, heavy rain, etc, this job has been out there waiting for me.

Waiting and waiting. And not getting any more appealing.

Bonus win: since he likes having something to do and it’s possible to do this solo – Dad came and rescued me from this job. Without any direct contact with each other, of course.

❤️ Thanks Dad!! You’re the best!

Now if it will just stop raining so I can stay on top of it from here. 😳