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In which more coloring books have arrived and I’m self-entertaining in the evenings.

I had a couple of coloring books over the years – stress-relieving designs and whatnot. A little filler of an afternoon, every now and then.

Well, pandemic. No games and no outings and lots of boredom and stress. Not to mention not having a church bulletin to doodle upon.

So there has been coloring. Books full of it.

While some of them have gone way up in price, and none of them are rush-order essential when Amazon and Walmart are doing their darnedest to keep us in food and whatnot – there were still some fairly inexpensive ones. It turns out some of those I’ve had before but whatever, they pass the time.

So much so that I’m wearing down my pencils!

Least used: white pencil. (The paper’s actually white, it’s the lighting that washed it to yellow. I’ll do better with the others.)

No worries, before we were in a pandemic I realized I might need new pencils. They’re at the ready.

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