Fitness and Other Temporary Obsessions, today has a theme song

Fully equipped

Ok so I wrote that title, and now I have Miami by Will Smith playing in my head.

Not the sense I meant – although half-dressed often applies in the pertinent scenario.

Well that was off topic.


What I meant was, I finally got all the pieces in place to set up a DVD player in the basement. Which is to say, I finally got a splitter since I only had one input slot on that TV. And having a DVD player downstairs means I can use my old workout videos. (I don’t do them upstairs because my goal is NOT to introduce any extra creaking to my floors, beyond the usual wear and tear. So workouts happen downstairs.)

So now I have cable, Wii, Amazon Fire* (thanks to my wonderful BIL) and DVD set up downstairs.

The first morning after I got everything set up, I woke up early and did my Tae Bo Basics DVD before I slid into Wii for some yoga and my run. And it was great! I’m thinking I’ll slip Tae Bo in for a while then change it up to Hip Hop Abs for a switch. Keep a mix going, you know. Gotta have some variety, somehow!

And if you were wondering about the half-dressed comment above, that’s what I meant. My workout clothes. Sheesh, people…. keep your minds out of the gutter! 😉

(Though I have learned that Sturdy Girl Sports is going out of business – a situation that predates the pandemic but probably isn’t helped by it – and this is just so sad to me. God bless you, ladies. I live in your gear these days and I honestly don’t know where I’m going to find good sports bras in the future.)


*Because I have the Fire set up now too, I prolly could have watched Tae Bo via Amazon Prime rental, but I do own the DVD. Either way, I’m now fully equipped to watch any workout content I want – and a bunch of other things too. Cool!