What I want

I want to hug my sister and my BIL and my dear, beautiful, delightful nieces.

I want to hug my parents. I want to have them over for dinner, to sit and chat and enjoy each other’s company.

I want groceries to be easy to acquire and shopping to be easy to do. I want to go for a walk and not worry about distancing from passersby.

I want to be able to travel and see this beautiful world and the kind, wonderful people in it. I want the kind, wonderful people I’ve met along the way to be able to see their loved ones too.

But then again…

I want coronavirus to be defeated. I want us to beat this thing into submission so that it doesn’t have to be the lurking risk in all of the items above.

I want everything that was good in our society to return and all the breaks in it that have been known and that have been revealed through this pandemic to be approached, addressed, corrected, healed.

I want more than ‘the way it was‘ – I want the way it should be.

And so although I want to hug my nieces and spend an evening with my parents, we don’t have coronavirus under control yet, so I’m going to continue to socially distance here.

I don’t have to like it (and I don’t). But I have to do it. Because I want all of us to be together again soon – even if I have to wait for soon to get here.