Strange side effects

After moving to Maryland, I discovered that Amazon Prime was not as good an investment here. Not that they haven’t added a ton of sidebar services, but for me it was the free Prime shipping that I liked best.

And of course, that’s an illusion, in that the same item Prime-eligible just costs a shipping cost more than the non-Prime eligible item. But they used to make Prime orders a higher priority out of the warehouse, which matters during the holiday rush, and they’d give a guaranteed delivery date. When timing matters, it matters.

But then I moved here, and discovered the delivery date was almost universally missed, and the service response to that, more often than not, was: we can refund you the shipping cost if you want.

Which, to be clear, was not even a slightly veiled F-you, do you want your “free” back? kind of response.

Let’s just rewind that for a sec. They didn’t charge me ‘shipping’ to refund, but they charged me more for the item itself and then promised a delivery date. I paid for that shipping charge. I just paid it indirectly. And I didn’t make them promise the delivery date; they did that. And I certainly didn’t make them break that promise.

Anyway, that made me drop Prime for a while. But they really did try to improve their service reaction at least. And I went back.

And now we are in a pandemic. Literally everyone still at work at Amazon warehouses and the delivery chain is a freaking hero in my book. And should be paid and treated accordingly.

And although previously they had trouble getting people to make deliveries on time to me?

Now – in an unexpected twist – every order shows up ahead of schedule.

Which I assume means that people need that income badly, such that they’re not struggling to find people willing to bid on Amazon deliveries.

Which makes me sad for how hard this is for an awful lot of people.

And also super grateful.

Thank you all for being there for us.

Also – 🎂 Happy birthday Mark P!