Running my race

There are more important things, by far, than my daily workout (though if you read this blog with any regularity you might doubt I know it).

You might well think that the race in which I press on and that I am running with perseverance is primarily the one on my Wii.

It’s not.

Nevertheless I do press on. Day by day I am in the Word (of course I am – it’s on the List) – and yes also I am on the ground (floor), running a literal race against myself (this morning, eking past my recent run time).

I’ve since hit a new #3. So you know… progress. Don’t get excited about the distance though; Wii doesn’t understand stride length and it’s not a real, forward-motion run, so IRL that’s WAY less distance.

And while my daily workout is not the most important part of my day, it does seem worthwhile way to occupy body and mind for a while as we all continue to wait out a return to more normal interactions.

A little self-discipline is doing me good. I clearly needed it.

How are you holding up?

IRL I know someone who’s allowed to blow their self-discipline today, and have some cake. Enjoy, and God bless, my friend! 🎂