Pick your poison

So, I don’t know about you, but I find it’s hard to be self-disciplined about everything at once.

I still haven’t reinstalled my games on my phone (though every so often a friend needs a little help with the daily puzzle and I’m happy to chip in a little extra brainpower – between us we get it done). And that’s fun, without the game being able to eat up too much of my day. So… I have not installed it for my own use. But I can’t promise I won’t.

I’m pretty well stocked with wine and I haven’t touched it since long before all this happened. But I can’t promise I won’t.

Image: Cava, from our excursion in Spain back in January 2020.

Oh but snacks.

There’s Talenti in my freezer and I am mostly leaving that alone. (But I did cave and eat some once).

I try like the dickens not to make popcorn too often (and even when it looks like it might be briefly in stock, I try not to order Smartfood popcorn) because I have no self-control where that is concerned.

I don’t even look at chips, unless someone else wants them on the order. And I add and then delete post-Easter candy from my order because Sugar, really?

I can’t be counted on to live alone with these temptations.

Well. There are worse problems to have.

Tomorrow’s another day. Choices to make. May they be good ones.

Good luck out there, too!

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