experiments in cooking

Other culinary attempts

So it’s official that the yeast I had on hand is more dead than alive. Bread will rise once but won’t make it through a second rise.

The result is good chew but less lift.

So, how about flatbread?

Like maybe a flatbread pizza dough?

Attempts have been made! And they are tasty!

Pizza sauce covers a multitude of sins. #TheBibleDoesn’tSayThat

Actually all in one night I made a week+ of meals (lunches & dinners) because I got groceries delivered. And I got the large pack of ground beef because sheesh who knew getting groceries would be such a hassle in 21st century America? And then I forgot to split that pack up into smaller units. So it all had to be cooked.

Also had a newly arrived red pepper (which was great) and an onion (which had seen better days).

So, those are now combined into 7 portions of sloppy joe and 7 portions of dirty rice (which I better savor because who knows when that will be back in stock) plus 6+ portions of flatbread pizzas. My fridge runneth over.

My cup, too. #Thankful

IRL: Happy birthday Miss Abby 😊

Disclaimer: I did not make this cake.

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