Off schedule

Usually I get my workout in the morning, but as broken as my neck has been, I didn’t sleep well.

So usually if I miss my morning workout, I’d get it in at lunchtime. But Peapod was due between 11 and 1pm and came in the final half-hour. They weren’t late, but between waiting and the gathering, disinfecting, repacking, I was past my lunch break by then.

And then by the time work ended, I was hungry and ate dinner immediately (when I should have waited until after my workout). Because if there is something that doesn’t sound fun, it’s working out right after eating.

And now I want bed so badly though it’s only 5:30pm as I write this and bed now is a terrible idea because I do not want to be up at 2am (or worse, 9pm) and I still have to get in my workout and steps.

Ugh. I am so off schedule!

PS I got in my 30 minutes (step aerobics rather than a run) and you know I will somehow drag myself across the 10,000-step finish line. Whereupon I intend to fall face-first into bed.