Pooling resources

One of the things that’s great about living where I do now, is that I’m so close to my sister’s family (the leading draw for moving here) and my parents (who’d been making sounds but finally moved once both of us were down here).

And that’s great all the time, but it’s both an extra heartbreak (so close but so far) and an extra blessing during a pandemic.

Right now while we’re under a stay-at-home (other than non-essential purposes), we’re not getting together, but we are pooling our resources. If by “resources” you include grocery schedules. While it’s temporarily difficult to lock in a grocery delivery date and no guarantee that what we order will be in stock, we can kind of rotate.

So my folks put in a pickup order on a Friday, and whatever they didn’t get I put on my order for the next week, and what I don’t get will go on Sis’ order some days later, while Mom and Dad seek out another date in the future, probably 2 weeks out. What Sis needs but she misses (or preemptively sees going out of stock frequently) she has us put on our orders. And around we go.

Then on arrival it’s a mad scramble of disinfecting and repackaging and the opportunity to see each other, albeit at a distance / through glass.

We’re very fortunate to be able to work it out that way, because even with three tries, it’s hard to find some things. Lots of items never come or stay in stock long enough to get any. Paper products are still scarce. No one has any cleaning products. It’s just going to be a journey.

But we’re on it together. At a distance, but together. And we are really blessed, in this (as in so many respects).

Hope you’re hanging in there, too.

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