flotsam, there is something wrong with me

Still sore. And maybe a bit broken.

Day 1 after introducing weight training was painful.

Day 2, I stretch gingerly in bed before getting up. Tender, but not painful per se.

I flex and apply pressure. Uh, hmm. Sore. But doable.

I get up and augh what is that?

I felt broken. Like my shoulder blade was actually a blade, slicing a shooting pain to my neck and down.


So apparently I slept wrong and jacked myself up.


Well, at least my lower body hurts less (try to sit and) ah-ah-ah-ow!

Oh boy. Guess this is gonna be a “fun” day.

But it’s still a day, and there are still things to do. It’s Sunday as I write; church to attend (online). A meal to cook. A grocery order to finalize. A workout to get in.

So I guess I best get to getting these things done. If a bit gingerly.

PS My “run” was a bit uncomfortable and slower than usual, but it got better by the end, and I downgraded to lighter weights but I did my weight training even so, while I was warmed up. Not too bad, all in all.

PPS Extra love to and prayers for you out there. For all my readers – but also I know there are people for whom the kind of pain I woke up to, is part of their ‘normal’ – and I pray for His healing grace and resurrection power for you today (Easter, as I write this) and everyday.