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Moving along

So I’ve been pretty consistent with the step goals and daily work outs.

The workout, more often than not, is that 30 minute run on WiiFit. On the weekends I sometimes add in 30 minutes of step or 15 minutes of Wii boxing or a routine that mixes in all kinds of yoga and dance and step … plus a run.

What I haven’t been doing is any kind of weight training. Which (way back when) I used to do every other day. I know it’s good for me, to build a little more muscle strength.

Almost forgot I had these

I do have dumbbells, ranging from 1 to 10 lbs each. (I’ve had them stashed pretty much since I moved.)

So I put weight training on the list and I pulled those out and dusted them off.

I didn’t yet locate my old routine but I googled a short beginner session. Watched it first to make sure it wasn’t anything terrible before I committed. No moves in bad form that would cause injury, nothing that’s going to be too advanced. Nope, looked good.

It’s 15 minutes (about 5 of which are warm up and cool down). So IRL I did about 10 minutes of new exercise, before my run. Which was great.

And I was already sore by later that night. Barely able to move without hurting the next day.

Still… you know, a little variety is good. Using new muscles is good.

This is me. Moving gingerly… but moving up, and moving along!

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