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‘In’ for my run

On days when I don’t drag myself out of bed in time to do it before my workday starts, I try to go out stay in for my run at lunchtime.

I now make about 3.5 laps per 30 minutes, and keep pressing to get farther, faster.

My Wii character (or Mii) is running around the island, with whomever else may be out in there. I find it interesting. Some days we all seem very diverse, in ages, genders and ethnicities. One day it seemed like I was out in running with a lot of gray-haired Mii’s. Just Mii and the old folks, out in for a run. (Although IRL I’m plenty gray-haired myself of late, haha.)

Well, whomever they are meant to represent, having other Mii’s out in there is like having company. Like having competition. Encouraging me to up my pace here and there.

Probably shouldn’t have stopped for photos. I only got 5.805 “miles” in my 30 min run

You can’t tell but I just passed a bunch of people by enough that I could pause for a photo.

At 5.805 “miles” I didn’t even make it into my top 10. But you know… it’s good to be moving. (Update: the next day I made it 5.999 miles and that was my fifth best distance ever.)

Good hustle out in there, everyone. See ya tomorrow.

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