I don’t know why I looked on a Tuesday midmorning during a pandemic, but I did.

Surely there would be nothing to see, if I pulled up Find My and looked where my family is. Of course they would all be in their respective homes. Where else could they be?? My folks don’t have a grocery pickup until the end of the week. My sister and I both have deliveries set up.

There’s no reason to glance because there’s no reason anyone should be out. Nothing to see here, right?


My dad was out for some reason. Not far from home – but moving away.

What is this about, I wondered, suspicious.

So I called. It turns out he was antsy and went out.

To get his car washed.

In a pandemic.

What I thought but didn’t say: Oh, FFS.

It’s a no-touch wash, he assured me, Don’t even have to get out of the car. It will be fine.

Isn’t there a screen to touch? A machine that untold numbers of people would have put their freshly handled cc in, that your credit card then has to go through? If they are even open, since that’s not essential. In fact, aren’t we under a stay-at-home order??

We are. And yet he argues: They’re unmanned, so maybe they could still be open.

Sigh. How did my father turn into an invincible and defiant teenager?

The saving grace of this fiasco is that I was right and the car wash was not open.

And he got out for a ride, which was what he really wanted anyway.

Sheesh. I love him so much – but if he keeps this up, I’m going to go over there and nail all of his shoes to the floor.

Not their car

Happy birthday ‘Sito. And happy tax day everyone else


Kansas Nurse featured on Rachel Maddow last week (updated: at minute 2:22 and after he talks about worry for his own parents who refuse to stay in, back home)

Also worth a listen (wish I’d heard this before this exchange with Dad):

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