experiments in cooking

More bread

So the first loaf I tried tasted like – well I hate to say it but it tasted like the bread from when Sis and I went to Italy and had a very disappointing meal in Florence.

Which is to say, it tasted like the flour and water it mostly was.

Wallpaper paste, incidentally, is made from the same.

I mean, it was salvageable with something on it. Or dipped in herbs and oil. But not tasty alone, despite having great texture.

But I’ve made two more since then, as seen above. Neither one rose as much as the prior loaf, but they both tasted better. (It’s been more than a week. I’m allowed to know that by now, ha ha.)

One has herbs added to the second rise. The other had a teaspoon of cider vinegar in the first mix as well as herbs in the second rise. I didn’t have any beer to add in place of the water (the only purpose I ever have for beer), and that would have added something. But no matter. Both have more flavor than the original. Good crumb, nice chew – almost focaccia-like.