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Baked goods

So as I mentioned, I discovered that I had yeast in my fridge. Well you know – if you have yeast and flour, then bread actually is pretty easy. It really only needs time, if you want to make a no-knead variety.

Yup, so that’s a thing that happened here. My ceramic pot is a little wide (and my yeast is a little old) so the loaf didn’t rise a lot in the oven. But it still came out so pretty…

By the time this was in its second rise I’d already started another loaf on its first. And since this one was a bit bland (I underdid the salt and it could use… something) I think maybe I’ll add some herbs to that one for its second rise. So in another day or two, I should have an update on how that came out.

What have I got but time?

Time, and the smell of freshly baked bread in the house?

My bread may have only done so-so, but He is risen indeed! Happy Easter!

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