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Kitchen antics

So, my fridge is currently stocked. Meal after meal at the ready, so that I can just microwave or toast up a serving of something.

Fresh veggies in the rotation while they last.

Oatmeal on the shelf for when I want something easy later. Or maybe if I want to cave in on all my good intentions and make a dessert. Like I should be living alone with dessert. (Hint: I should not.)

I wonder what the shelf life of yeast is. Whether I might be able to make bread. Maybe I’ll give that a try. Before the weather gets too hot to have the oven on.

Update: the shelf life of yeast after opening is maybe months. The date on this bottle is last year.

But I’ve tempered it and it’s still slightly active. So… I guess we will see.

Wish me luck!

I’m not making a cake. But I could… 😊 Happy Birthday!

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