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The encouragement of a streak and the magic of a list

So, you all know I watch my learning streak (days in a row of doing lessons) on Duolingo. Like, 1023 as this posts, if I’ve done my math right (and also have not dropped the ball in the interim).

A few days ago

Even my WordPress blog tells me how many days in a row I’ve posted. Today will be 101 days. (Hey we are more than a quarter of the way through this abomination of a year! Yay us!)

So anyway, I realize that I find that really motivating. And one of the other things I’ve been doing on the regular are

– Work out every day

– Get my 10k steps

I’ve been doing both of those for approaching 10 weeks — FitBit shows me the weekly stats but not an actual streak count.

This seems like a simple enough need: An app that counts how long I’ve been doing things, ideally with the ability to let me retroactively set when I started. One place to track Duo, FitBit, Wii – maybe even help myself be more diligent about other things too.

So, yes I found a few apps in that vein. Most of them don’t let you put in the actual start date – they start counting when you get the app going. Most of them want a fee (except the one with the developer name that makes me feel squidgy about putting the app on a device I rely on so much).

So, not happening.

But it turns out, while the Streak is motivating (in a probably too-prideful way), I am a person who likes lists. I can work a list.

So I made a list (in Reminders, on my iPhone). And of course it includes stuff I don’t want to forget and probably won’t anyway (Duo, workout, etc) – as well as some things I have good intentions to do but don’t always.

I have practices in there for body, mind and spirit, and it’s been so helpful.

And guess what? I am no longer largely ignoring my Rosetta Stone membership, I don’t forget to take my vitamins, I’m even flossing every day… because it’s so satisfying for me to work the list and check off items.

Who knew so much could be encouraged so easily?

Of course not everyone is a list-maker – What helps you stay on track in your life?

IRL: Happy Birthday Hannah

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  1. I’m a list maker, too. I use an App on my phone (Google Keep) and keep a Bullet Journal. For the journal I use a Leuchtturn1917 notebook. Because it’s all about the props!


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