Grocery drama

So, usually, I’d get a Peapod order placed with just a few days lead time. The nice delivery person(s) would come to my door, bags in hand, containing most if not all of what I ordered. I would let them in, sign the paperwork, add a tip, and we would go our separate ways, they to the next delivery and I to put away my groceries.

These are not the days of usually.

So now, it’s about a two-week window, minimum, until I can get a delivery. There’s no guarantee what will or won’t be in stock, though they are doing a pretty good job of it especially considering demand.

I put out a tip envelope when I get the text that they are on their way.

Two men bring up the groceries and I have them leave them outside. Not that I didn’t bring in the bags anyway, but we do what we can.

(External: Tips for grocery shopping)

I am guessing that they need 2-man crews now to efficiently resolve order volume, but I don’t know how they are giving each other 6+ ft of space during deliveries even if they are doing so in the truck (which would require one to drive and one to stay in back).

The bags come in. The items come out, each one wiped down as best I can with my remaining Clorox wipes.

Items get put away.

Then bags I had from forever ago (not newly out of a store or warehouse, recently touched by God knows who or what) come out, to repackage stuff for my folks.

I coordinate with my parents. Their items get put out the back door, so that Dad can come get them. Again, contactless.

After all this in and out and touching of outdoor items – despite washing my hands thoroughly throughout the process – I strip down, throw everything into laundry, and go scrub myself in the shower like I was exposed to the plague.

Which, maybe I was. Who knew groceries would make me wish I had a hazmat suit.

And this is the new normal of the little things.

Now you’ll have to excuse me – since I just got groceries, I need to go scout out a new available grocery delivery date, some magical day in the future.

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