Stuff that could be useful

Or at least – some stuff that struck me over the last few days…

Make your own face covering (there are tons of these videos but this one is from the CDC. Also ponytail holders can replace rubber bands – if that’s what you’re more likely to have on hand.

But keep in mind: you should take them off only by the ear bands and wash them immediately. Otherwise you’re just going to get whatever germs you blocked onto yourself, defeating the purpose.

The Memory Palace put out 20 20-second stories (some that made me laugh, some that just made me go hmmm). It’s titled, Stories to Wash Hands By.

If you watch how far behind we are on preparedness, testing ability, PPE, ventilators and other supplies, and it’s kind of freaking you out, you might find this an encouraging listen: The Race to Make Ventilators (podcast from NPR’s Planet Money)

And finally – if you think this whole thing might be overblown and you’re not taking distancing and face masks and all the rest as real needs, this episode of This American Life might make it more real to you: The Test. It’s about people actually dealing with COVID: EMS workers, parents sick at home with their toddler, a grown child of an at-risk parent in a facility, managing outbreaks in prisons and jails, and how China continues to try to control it there. [Warning: If you are already overwhelmed by this thing, and it’s all already too real… maybe don’t.]

I totally look cute in my face covering. In a floral bandito kind of way.

IRL: happy birthday “Mahk”