experiments in cooking

What to do, what to do?

So, as you all know by now, I’m obsessively getting my workouts and steps every day.

As I tend to do once I start exercising, I’m also watching how much I eat. Which means I look and feel better. I’m also losing weight – and while I don’t think losing weight should be the primary focus, the reality is that I was an unhealthy weight. I didn’t look or feel good, and I knew I was pushing into dangerous ranges for my long-term health.

So, yeah. Losing weight. Clothes fit better. Well, no. Most of the clothes I was wearing went from fitting better to too big to Seriously; put these away, where are my previous size?

And that is great.

That said, there’s also food in the fridge. And some of that food is temporarily hard to replace. Why, it’s almost sinful to let it go to waste.

And what do I have on a weekend, but time to try a culinary adventure with these ingredients?

So, if I happen to have an onion all chopped that needs to be cooked or discarded. If I have a sheet of puff pastry that didn’t make it into chicken & spinach crescents last week. If I discovered a thing of feta cheese with a best-by date that is pretty far back … what to do?

Well, how about I turn those into an onion tart?

Sautéed onion with a hint of salt & pepper. Feta cheese crumbled in. Hint of roasted garlic. Set to cool while I roll out the puff pastry a bit so it doesn’t puff too much.

Hmm, what else might be nice on this?

How about some green and kalamata olives, sliced? That’s like a vegetable right?

Plus just a sprinkle of grated Parmesan to round it all out?

Pre-Oven. Promising. Maybe I should have made a rim? Hmm I wonder if this might get messy…
Nope. Looks good. Smells amazing.

I am sincerely sorry I can’t post the delicious scent that wafted through the house while this cooked. How many calories are there in a smell?

So here’s my dilemma…

I’m alone in the house with this deliciousness. Usually if I have something dangerously tasty I would invite company to eat some. But you know – social distancing.

What to do, what to do?

What, indeed! 😉

So much for those smaller clothes!

(Just kidding. It’s very salty with olives on it, and very filling with all that cheese. So portion control takes care of itself. One or two small pieces are a delight – any more is much less so.)