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Pohono Trail success (#Fitbit)

One of the things I use on my FitBit are the solo adventures. (They have the option to do them with others, but then it’s like a race vs a shared experience, and I’m way more interested in encouraging each other vs trying to beat each other.)

(At least when it comes to this. I’m still not playing my word games, which is a different story.)

Now, I’ve done all of the solo adventures, multiple times. But this last week I managed to do the longest one, in my shortest time (5 days) and pick up all the little ‘treasures’ along the way (also the first time I’ve done that for Pohono Trail).

So, you know. It’s good to celebrate little victories. Especially as our worlds are a bit smaller of late.

And yes, of course this was virtual, and I got all my steps at home, alone. Like I was s’posed to.

Step success in social isolation due to coronavirus. Scenes from Spring 2020.

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